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Gregory T. Laudadio


"The focus of my work is more than just the law: it’s the client. Every client has specific and unique needs. I work to ensure that these needs are met, so that the client doesn’t have to worry about the law."

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Mark P. Harbison

Managing Shareholder

"Business owners and in house attorneys need more than lawyers who know the litigation ropes. They need accurate, succinct business advice from experienced individuals who know their business and know how it operates. Lawyers who can’t talk the talk with business owners and general counsel don’t deliver full value."

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Andrew M. DeLucia


"I recognize that every situation is different. I partner with the client to promptly, efficiently, and economically formulate strategic and impactful solutions to their particular legal issues. Sometimes that requires me to rely on my experience as a counselor, and other times I utilize my experience as a first-chair litigator to help the client achieve their goals."

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